Jez Coulson

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Jez Coulson works with magazines, advertising agencies and design studios, his work has been exhibited in 32 countries.


His photography across commercial, artistic and editorial projects mixes images from set up scenarios and real situations.


Jez is an experienced photographer working on campaigns requiring location finding, casting, styling, studio, lighting ; the full production. But he is also capable of producing stunning images working alone in real situations with minimal intervention, production or crew.

He is an internationally renowned reportage artist whose photojournalism has won many accolades and has appeared in the world's leading magazines


His assignments have taken him across continents: from the frozen coal mines of Siberia to the extreme heat of the Negev desert. From the teeming rain forests of Ghana to the windswept emptiness of the South Atlantic Falkland Islands. He has covered the slums of Bombay and the Place of Westminster.  Glamorous parties in Cannes to the horror of war in the Congo. His pictures show joy at the bringing down of the Berlin wall and elation at the election of Nelson Mandela. But also the brutality of ethnic cleansing. Shock and sadness in the aftermath and rubble of the Twin Towers.  Devestation around the Gulf in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill.


In the advertising world Jez Coulson pictures have lead campaigns for global corporations like HSBC and JP Morgan Chase.


Houston University is currently running a highly acclaimed promotional campaign structured around Jez Coulson pictures.


The worldwide business Siemens Health Care has an ongoing relationship with Jez Coulson that allows them to build a consistent visual approach encapsulating and reflecting their commitment to standards of excellence across national borders and continents.


Jez Coulson has many clients he maintains lasting relationships with. No doubt in part due to his unwavering energy and enthusiasm for their work. But primarily due to his fabulous imagery, that in the end they come to always expect and rely on.


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