Insight has an extensive picture library which has been amassed in the 25 years of its operation. The library features arresting images from real life across Europe, America and worldwide. We hold an extensive collection of education, training, schooling and study images as well as images from some of the past two decade's most significant global events including: -Hurricane Katrina -September 11th -BP Oil Spill -War in Bosnia -Fall of the Berlin Wall -Genocide in Rwanda -Conflict in Northern Ireland and the Middle East -Transition to democracy in South Africa.


We also hold a considerable number of portraits of leading politicians, business, sports people and celebrities. Insight's Image Library has a significant number of totally generic images that can illustrate and capture the ambiance of many issues, themes, subjects and emotions. Personal and domestic to global political issues envisioned in stunning universal imagery.


Please contact us with your specific image reuirements.