Jez Coulson

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It was whilst travelling through Indonesia in 2005, looking for new photographic directions, that I became fascinated with panoramic photography. Watching the jaw-droppingly spectacular volcano Gunung Semeru belching steam and ash as the sun rose one morning in Java, and thinking frustratedly: "what I could really do with now is a large format panoramic camera," the new direction dawned upon me - large format panoramic photography!

All the panoramic images on this website were shot on either the Fotoman MK2 6x17 Panoramic camera with a Schneider 90mm 5.6 Super Angulon lens or the versatile Hasselblad XpanII with Hasselblad 30mm and 45mm lenses. With both cameras, Center filters were used (or not) depending on the aesthetics of the image composition. Other filters used were the Lee Neutral Density graduated filter set and occasionally a Lee Polarizer. Film stock used was Fuji Velvia & Provia as well as Kodak Tmax for the black and white images. All the images were scanned on either the Nikon Coolscan or Hasselblad (Imacon) 949. Camera support (when required) was provided by the superb Manfrotto magfiber lightweight tripod with a 3 way head.


If anyone out there is thinking of inventing a digital equivalent that offers the incredible quality of the above cameras I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me ASAP!


Marc Jackson has been in the photographic industry for over fifteen years, working as a printer, assistant, IT consultant, agent and photographer. His recent panoramic work has been acclaimed by many leading British photographers.